Why the E100 Challenge Works

It's Simple

The E100 Challenge is easy to implement in your church, as a group or individual challenge. Just grab the Reading Planner and Essential 100 and away you go.

It's Flexible

  • Some groups read through one section per week, doing the study in groups. It takes them 20 weeks.
  • Other hard-core readers do one reading per day and make it a "100 day challenge."
  • Some simply pick it up whenever they can and read the next one that they are up to.
  • Groups may prefer to divide into 4 quarterly mini-challenges and complete in a year...

It's Achievable

Most readings are 1-2 chapters long and take around 10mins. If it takes longer or you need an extra day, no problem. There are no dates or deadlines.

It's Group-Friendly

You can take the E100 Bible Reading Challenge any number of ways but one of the best is in a small group, such as a Sunday School class or home Bible study group. Taking the Challenge this way provides you with the positive motivation to keep your readings "on track" with others in the group and makes your experience more meaningful as you share and discuss what you've learned and discovered about the Bible.

The bottom line is The E100 Bible Reading Challenge is the Bible reading plan that people love to complete!