The E100 Bible Reading Challenge For Individuals

The book, Essential 100, was designed to make a "solo journey" through the Bible easy and meaningful. The 100 short passages highlight the major themes and how they fit together in ways that really make sense. The readings are not dated so you can complete them at your own pace - in one hundred days, six months, a year or more. The readings are grouped into sets of five, beginning with an introduction that alerts you to important themes.

You will need to have a copy of Essential 100 to guide you through the E100 Bible Reading Challenge, and you will find that the Reading Planner is the prefect companion to help keep you on track.

Whatever schedule you pick (and picking a schedule is important), don't feel guilty if you miss a day now and then. Just do the next reading whenever you have time, and before you know it, you will have made it through all one hundred readings.

Even though you'll be reading the passages on your own, you might want to talk about what you are discovering with a friend, perhaps someone who is a committed follower of Jesus. If you do, just make sure it's someone who will listen to you, not preach at you. If you find the right person, you'll find that talking about what you're learning can make your journey through the Bible more meaningful.

However you choose to take the E100 Bible Reading Challenge, remember that your goal is not just to read through the world's greatest book, or to gain more Bible knowledge, or even to develop deeper spiritual discipline. Those things are important, but your higher goal is to meet the Author. With that goal in mind, your reading will be more than just a "challenge", it will become an opportunity to meet God, to meet the God who made you, who loves you and desires to have a living relationship with you.

Some Tips to Help Get You Started:

Find a Bible Translation That's Easy to Read
There are many excellent, modern translations to choose from, such as the New International Version (NIV), the New Living Translation (NLT) and the Contemporary English Version (CEV). Essential 100 tells you the passages to read and helps you reflect on the main points, but it won't make sense unless you read the Bible passages themselves.

Gather Your Resources
Be sure to get your copy of Essential 100. You can order it online at Use the Reading Planner to track your progress as you take the Challenge. Or download the App which contains everything you need.

Set a Goal for Completing the Challenge
Will you do it in 100 days, 20 weeks, or six months? Before you begin, it's helpful to have a clear goal in mind for when you want to complete the Challenge. That way, you can better mark your progress and keep "on track". Begin to think now about what you might do when the Challenge is over, and how you will maintain your new daily Bible reading habit.

Choose a Time and Place for Reading
Maybe you'll choose to do your reading in the morning before work over your cup of coffee, at your desk at lunch or in the evening before bed. Find a quiet place with minimal distractions so you can concentrate on discovering more about God through His Word.

Be Consistent
As you begin, follow the five steps PRAY-READ-REFLECT-APPLY-PRAY for each reading in Essential 100. Pray first, then read the day's passage from your Bible, reflect on what you've read using the comments in the book as your starting place. Let the "Apply" section help you make practical what you've learned and then pray to close your time. Use the discussion questions at the end of each section for broader insights, too.

Keep a Journal of Your Insights and Discoveries
Use the Journal pages in the book or the "Apply" section in the App to record thoughts and insights from the passages that are particularly meaningful to you. It may be encouraging to go back and read your previous notes now and then to see how your understanding of The Bible and it's Author has grown.

Join the Online Community
Affirm your commitment to the E100 Bible Reading Challenge by "Liking" our Facebook group. Join the discussion with others taking the challenge right across Australia.

Day 101 and Beyond
Now that you have completed the Challenge, what's next? Perhaps you could attempt the Essential Jesus Challenge next or there are excellent Bible reading guides and other resources available from Scripture Union. Visit to view the full range of Bible Reading Guides and choose one that suits you. Order online or call 1800 808 639 to place your order and continue on with your daily Bible reading habit.