The E100 Bible Reading Challenge For Churches

Most pastors, regardless of their denomination or theological perspective, want their people to read the Bible regularly. The problem is most people get bogged down with traditional through-the-Bible reading plans so they just give up. The E100 Bible Reading Challenge is simple, achievable and creates a contagious enthusiasm for reading Scripture.

Are you aware that most households own at least one Bible? However, the staggering statistic is that only 20% of those who own Bibles will ever read through it completely in their lifetime. This includes regular church-going members. With these statistics in full view, it is unfortunately easy to conclude that Bible sales far outpace Bible reading!

The E100 is not about selling more Bibles or even suggesting translation preferences. In fact, we do neither. We simply provide the tools and resources to assist you in leading a Bible reading plan that will have a profound impact on your church. Our research shows that once an individual completes The E100, his or her appetite for consistent Bible reading results in sustainable habit formation. This indeed is what we are about!

The E100 Challenge is a professional, high value program but... it's not expensive, not complicated, and not taxing on your ministry leaders. Additionally, the companion materials are designed so that your church can implement the challenge without disrupting your present activities. This affordable Bible reading plan comes complete with professionally designed materials crafted to help you launch and track the challenge.

In addition, we can provide pastor's resources that include sermon outlines, bulletin inserts and resources to promote your church's E100 Bible Reading Challenge. The Challenge is a simple and proven conduit to long term Bible habit formation. Please join us and other area churches as we strategically equip congregations with the transforming Word of GOD.

Our prayer is that God will use your leadership and this program to ignite a Bible reading revival in your church. The E100 Challenge has been completed in hundreds of churches across the country and pastors all tell us the same thing: "The E100 Bible Reading Challenge is the one Bible reading program people actually enjoy and complete." In short...The Challenge works!

Some Tips to Help Get You Started:

Develop Your Plan
When will the Challenge begin? Will it run for 100 days, 20 weeks, or longer? Who will lead it? Part of your plan will also include how you'll follow up after everyone has completed the E100 Bible Reading Challenge. Scripture Union's daily Bible reading guides, Daily Bread, Closer to God and Encounter with God are great follow up tools and more information about each of these is available by visiting

Gather Your Resources
Most of what you need, sign up sheets, posters, brochures, etc. are all included in the Church Registration Pack. Be sure to order sufficient copies of Essential 100 from the website or by calling 1800 808 639. There are quantity discounts available but you must order by phone to obtain the special price.

Promote. Promote. Promote!
Start well ahead of the launch date to let people know the E100 Bible Reading Challenge is coming and encourage them to sign up. Build excitement and encourage everyone to participate.

Have a "Launch Sunday"
That day, the service and the sermon could be built around discovering more about the most influential person in history. It's a great way to "kick-off" the Challenge together as a church.

Encourage and Motivate
Plan to remind the participants periodically of the on-going Challenge through newsletters, or having participants share during worship what they've discovered about Scripture so far. Keep the motivational levels up any way that works for your congregation! Countdown the days to the end.

Celebrate Reaching the Finish Line
Plan a special celebration event! Be sure to publicly affirm all who took leadership roles in planning and implementing the E100 Bible Reading Challenge, but also recognise everyone who completed it. Announce the follow up plan on this occasion.

Join the Online Community
Affirm your commitment to the E100 Bible Reading Challenge by "Liking" our Facebook group. Join the discussion with other Challenge participants from right across the country.

Day 101 and beyond...
Now that you have completed the Challenge, what's next? Perhaps your church could attempt the Essential Jesus Challenge, another Bible reading plan in the E100 range. Encourage all participants to continue on with their daily Bible reading. Suggest they visit Scripture Union's webshop to browse through our range to find a daily Bible Reading Guide that suits them.